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Primary and Secondary Schools!

At Altoron Solutions, we host powerful and creative eLearning tools that help primary and secondary schools with the development of their students and improve the quality of education provided. These eLearning tools allow schools to set online curriculums with online class notes and learning materials with online lesson plans that can be updated and reused every year for the next set. Tools that give students the advantage of being able view class notes and read lessons in advance before the class. Tools that will enable students to be able to do and submit homework online as well as take online tests and quizzes to assess their grasp and understanding of what they have learned so far. Tools that enable teachers to mark homework and tests online allowing the schools, teachers and the parents to track their students’ progress throughout the term and make interventions if need be. These tools also enable online school and class forums for discussions as well as an online school calendar to keep teachers, students and parents updated on upcoming events. These tools also provide a built-in online chat messenger for better communication between the school, teachers, students and parents. We can also provide primary and secondary schools with the global recognition of having their very own school’s mobile app, branded in the school’s name, available for download in the app store for use with mobile devices. Most of all, our solutions provide both the teachers and the students with all the modern technology experience of working online with computers and mobile devices.


  • Online curriculum
  • Reusable online class notes and eLearning materials
  • Students can read lessons in advance
  • Do and submit homework online
  • Online assessments such as tests and quizzes
  • Teachers can easily mark assignments and assessments online
  • Online grades
  • Schools, teachers, and parents can track student’s grades and progress throughout the term.
  • Online class and school forums
  • Online school calendar to keep everyone up to date on upcoming events
  • Built-in online chat messenger for your members
  • Branded mobile app in the app store

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